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We believe…
Every child is special and unique.
Every child has potential.
A child is a natural learner who enjoys learning and challenging daily experiences with peers and adults.
Every child deserves the opportunity to benefit from a comprehensive Early Childhood Programme based on current knowledge of child development.
A child is a sensitive, feeling and thinking individual who thrives in an enriched environment where caring and understanding adults are responsive to his/her needs.
A child will develop into a confident, considerate and courteous individual under the guidance of teachers who are their role models.
In short, we believe that every child has the potential to be the best he/she can be. By preserving the excitement and wonder of childhood, children will experience the joy of learning, and become life-long learners and global citizens with a heart.


To be a regional leader in early childhood education.


To provide excellent and quality educational programmes and services.


It’s been 3 years since Sebastian joined Kinderland and that is because he loves the school, his friends and teachers a lot. The teachers and staff are very friendly, helpful and always full of smile. Sebastian has 2 younger brothers, and I hope to put them in Kinderland Pakubuwono soon.

Mrs. Yin

I love Kinderland Pakubuwono. It was my daughter’s first school and since she really enjoyed and learned a lot at the school so I decided to enroll Yodi too. The school is a very homey place and the staff are very friendly too. Whenever my kids come home, they have a thousand stories to tell. I’m glad that I made a good decision by enrolling my kids at Kinderland Pakubuwono.

Mrs. Amalia




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