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A memorable journey begins with a single step. The same is true with a child’s educational journey. While there is a long way to go, the beginning is extremely crucial and that is what we cater to at Kinderland Pakubuwono.

Through our well-developed curriculum, we strive to nurture every aspect of your child’s developmental needs while exposing him/her to the world of learning through a fun-filled method. Our programs instill in the minds our young students that “Learning is Fun.”

Be a part of the Kinderland Pakubuwono family. Let’s grow together.

Mr. Jonathan S. Tlau
School Director

As the Principal of Kinderland Pakubuwono, I wish to extend a warm welcome to all of our Kinderland families. We are proud of the wonderful school we have developed and the great learning experiences and opportunities we offer our children. Kinderland Pakubuwono aims for creating an enriched environment where children experience the joy of learning.

Ms. Dian Septia


It’s been 3 years since Sebastian joined Kinderland and that is because he loves the school, his friends and teachers a lot. The teachers and staff are very friendly, helpful and always full of smile. Sebastian has 2 younger brothers, and I hope to put them in Kinderland Pakubuwono soon.

Mrs. Yin

I love Kinderland Pakubuwono. It was my daughter’s first school and since she really enjoyed and learned a lot at the school so I decided to enroll Yodi too. The school is a very homey place and the staff are very friendly too. Whenever my kids come home, they have a thousand stories to tell. I’m glad that I made a good decision by enrolling my kids at Kinderland Pakubuwono.

Mrs. Amalia

The reason why I enjoy teaching at Kinderland Pakubuwono is because of the school environment, my colleagues, the students and the togetherness we all can feel at Kinderland Pakubuwono.

Ms. Prisilia




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