The MMP & CMP Program

Adventure In Wonderland

We are glad to have term 3 wrapped up with success and memorable experiences. During the term, many exciting even were conducted, and we concluded the events of term 3 with the MMP & CMP Program . Our students diligently practices their roles and excitedly performed in front of their parents. The curious , creative and Capable students performed dances to familiar Nursery Rhymes such as Humpty dumpty, Bangun Tidur Kuterus Mandi,  etc. They also exhibited their musical skills by collaboratively playing the percussion following the cue from the teachers. The confident class and Caring Class students sang , danced and played the keyboard to the theme : Adventure In Wonderland . They were very excited during rehearsal and showcased their confidence when performing on stage. Another highlight of the event was the performance from some volunteers parents dancing to the tune of the Anpanman theme song and doing the hand clap skit. It was truly delightful to see everyone having a good time and enjoying their performance .




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