Chinese New Year Celebration

On February 15, 2018, the Chinese New Year was celebrated at the school. The KP Assembly Hall was packed with parents and family members of our students. This year we celebrated the Year of the Brown Earth Dog.

Caring and Confident class students sang Wen Sheng GuoNianHao to open the event. It is a song about wishing people GOOD LUCK on Chinese New Year. The song was followed by Lion Dance, Fashion Show, Firecracker Dance, Lantern Dance and Aeroplane.

The Caring boys performed Tai Chi Kung Fu while the girls performed Tai Chi Fan Dance. A beautiful Chinese Fan Dance was performed by moms and teachers to close the event.

Some parents, teachers and children also collaborated well to present a short play about Homecoming. The children participated in the dialogues, dancing and singing.

The children also received Hong Bao: (Angpao) filled with chocolate coins from the school as an appreciation of their hard work in preparing for this event.




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